The Ultralase is a sophisticated Q-Switched, Nd:YAG laser machine designed for tattoo removal. Nd:YAG lasers are the newest members of the medically graded Q-Switched class of lasers known for their outstanding ability to remove tattoo inks.

Ultralase is designed to deliver specific wavelengths of penetrative laser light to the skin and is absorbed by the tattoo pigment which then shatters the ink into tiny pieces and the body heals itself through its own natural filtration system. Benefits include:

- Multiple wavelengths to target all tattoo ink types and colors

- CE medical approved and safe for all skin types

- Great results within 15-20 sessions

- No downtime and see results every session even if you miss treatments, it will keep fading for up to 18 months.

Red and black are the easiest tattoo colours to remove and yellow is the hardest.

Posted by Beyond Beauty and Laser on Wednesday, March 25, 2015