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    Preparation for a laser treatment

    Before every laser treatment with beyond beauty we will send a reminder text the day before to reconfirm as well as reminding you to shave.

    Shaving before a laser session is essential as it helps make the hair follicle more accessible for the laser as well as making it a painless experience for you! A quality shave can be achieved by always using a new razor blade as well as using a shaving cream, foam or gel. Avoid using shampoo or body wash to shave as this can cause dehydration of the skin. Never dry shave, this will put your skin into trauma. Also you will not need to shave your face for any female treatments.


    Before a session don’t apply any moisturiser, creams or make-up to areas to be treated on the day. We will have to remove them as well as any deodorant before commencing a treatment. We provide you with a robe as well as safety glasses. Post treatment we will provide you with cooling Aloe Vera gel and cream and you should feel no discomfort after a treatment.

    After a treatment always apply sunscreen and avoid adding heat to the skin for at least 48 hours (i.e. hot showers, excessive sweating). Exfoliate every 2-3 days after laser and shave if required.


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